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Financial Services

MillionairesXchange connects buyers & sellers throughout the world - Your perfect buyer. Our exclusive private audience.
Our financing partners are globally recognized leaders in the luxury real estate mortgage and asset financing industry. On behalf of commercial real estate developers and investors we are able to arrange debt and equity financing from $1 million to over $500 million.

Financing available on all asset classes including Commercial Real Estate Multi-Family, Industrial, Retail, Office, Medical Office, Self-Storage, Hospitality, Yachts, Vehicles, Aircraft, whatever structure is needed.

Our clients have complete peace of mind knowing that you have a team with decades of experience of the complexities of the development finance sector which allows them to put together a funding solution that gets your project over the line on the best possible terms.

Our loan structures include Fixed or Floating Rate debt, Bridge Financing, Credit Tenant Lease-CTL financing, Construction and Permanent Loans, Immediate Funding, Forward Commitments and Portfolio or Single Asset loans.

So whether you are looking to finance a commercial building, business, luxury dream home, private jet or a luxurious yacht, MillionairesXchange can assist in arranging financing through our trusted partners.

Contact us directly on +1 (702)-267-6399.