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Security Solutions for Private Clients & Executives

Providing Peace of Mind Through Safety Since 1995.
Our unique security consultancy specializes in Security Systems for High Net Worth Individuals and Executives. Offered exclusively through Panic Room Builders and Edgeworth Security.

Our key objective is to deliver and manage world class projects with significant cost efficiency to the Client. We streamline the management of key projects providing one trusted point of contact for utmost confidentiality.

Our comprehensive Security Systems are applying latest technology and new thinking to counter dynamic security threats.

We are enabling security teams to operate safely and securely based on unquestionable facts, mitigating our clients’ risks and threats by designing and implementing Security Systems that are intelligent and proactive

Ultimate Home Security Systems for Complex Threat Environments

Our global experience in security is the base for the best Home & Business Security Systems, including:
Armored Vehicles
Heavily fortified and equipped vehicles with advanced security features, including bulletproof glass, reinforced steel body panels, and sophisticated alarm and surveillance systems.
Bespoke Panic Rooms
Tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. These rooms range from small, simple rooms to larger, more elaborate spaces that include amenities such as air filtration systems, communication systems, and backup power supplies.
Home Security
Protect your personal living space with the installation of deadbolts, security doors, and window bars, as well as the use of motion-activated outdoor lighting and surveillance cameras.
Security System Integration
Connect different security systems and technologies to create a unified and cohesive security solution.
Remote Guarding
Use of advanced surveillance technology to monitor and protect properties from a remote location.
Security Consulting
Identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities, develop customized security solutions, and provide ongoing support and guidance to help ensure the continued effectiveness of these solutions.
Executive Protection
Personalized protection to individuals, typically high-profile individuals such as corporate executives, celebrities, politicians, and other public figures.
Cyber Intelligence
Gather, analyze, and share of information about potential cyber threats and attacks, as well as the actors and methods behind them.
Business Security
Protect your commercial property, its assets, and employees from potential threats such as theft, vandalism, cyberattacks, and other criminal activities.
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