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Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 



armored by German Manufacture Alpha Armouring
according to armoring level VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 QinetiQ

Protection level: VPAM BRV2009 VR7 (including CEN BR6) and Spherion® Armor Concept. The Alpha-
Spherion® Armoring System provides the highest level of protection for the driver and VIP passengers
from ballistic attacks involving military weapons, explosives and explosive shrapnel. The fully welded armored
cage within the vehicle is made of German ballistic steel and all gaps are ballistic sealed.

Floor protection is based on Thyssen-Secure armor steel and offers significantly improved protection
against grenade attacks (2 x DM51 grenades).


The roof protector from the steel protection system has a ballistic entrance angle of 45° and also offers
improved protection against explosion attacks of 2 x DM51 hand grenades.
The fuel tank guard is also made of Thyssen-Secure steel armor and protects the fuel tank from explosion

The following 4 characteristics of ultimate quality apply for Alpha Armouring® vehicles

• Material certification: All protective materials (steel armor and bullet-proof glass) are tested, approved
and certified by independent German Ballistic Authorities Laboratories (Deutsches Beschussamt).
• Vehicle model certification: The Mercedes Armoured® SUV based on the Mercedes G-model is approved
and certified: VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 QinetiQ, UK.
• Road Safety Tests: The Alpha Armouring® G-Wagon is approved for use on public roads. Alpha Armouring
vehicles are easy to drive, especially if you need to escape or driven in off-road conditions.
• Production Line Quality Management Certifications: Each year, Alpha Armouring invited independent
experts to review all production- and management processes.

Ballistic protection
• Caliber: .308 Win. (7.62 x 51) - FJ / PB / SC Bullet Type: NATO Ball MEN, DM 111,
CN 135 Speed: 830 +/- 10m/s
• Caliber: .223 Rem. (5.56 x 45) - FJ / PB / SC + P Bullet Type: MEN SS109,
CN 227 Speed: 950 +/- 10m/s
• Including: Caliber: AK 47 (7.62x39) - FJ / PB / FeC Bullet Type: M43 Speed: 720 +/- 10m/s
• Roof armor against 45 ° entry angle

Blast Protection
• Floor blast protection: against a minimum of 2 x DM 51 grenades
• Side blast protection: against a minimum 15kg GEOSIT special explosive

Material Test Results
• Tested, approved and certified by independent German Ballistic Authorities Laboratories (Deutsches

Vehicle Certification
• Tested and certified by QinetiQ UK

Other technical improvements
• Extended wheelbase of +44cm, based on the long version of the MB G63 AMG
• Door hinges directly connected to the interior armored cage
• 4 x Electric heavy duty e-power window lifters
• Heavy duty springs for front and rear axle (suitable for modified weight)
• Heavy duty shock absorbers for front and rear axle (suitable for modified weight)
• Modified brake system (suitable for modified weight)
• Heavy Duty All Terrain Tire with Run-Flat System (RodGuard 4-fold)
• Exclusive Alpha Armouring heavy duty alloy rims (suitable for modified weight)
• Fire extinguishing system within the engine compartment
• Intercom system VIP area - driver
• Communication system inside / outside
• Flashlights in the front
• Siren & panic alarm
• Air conditioning and heating for driver and VIP area

Alpha Phoenix Spherion
• Overlapping armoring 360 degrees
• Stepless armored glass
• Steel protected fuel tank
• Fully armored back door

Additional equipment within the Bespoke Alpha Phoenix
• Four exterior cameras for perfect 360 degrees visibility from VIP seats
• Roof covered with premium convertible top material (Sonnenland)
• 2 single commander seats in the front
• 2 electrically adjustable comfort rear seats in the VIP area
• Apple Mac bord computer
• iPad
• LTE internet router
• Adjustable 34-inch panoramic screen in the VIP area
• DVD player
• High-end Mosconi-Gladen sound system
• Refrigerator within the VIP area
• Retractable partition wall between driver and VIP area


German delivery incl., only orig. 1,200 demo-km, accident free, re-painting free

Export price net: USD 745,000.00

excl. VAT (No VAT deductible)

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