The All New EV Fisker Ocean SUV

Wed Nov 30 2022
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EV Fisker Image
Photo courtesy of Fisker Inc

The Fisker Ocean is an exciting new all-electric SUV from a startup California automaker that’s reinventing mobility for the 21st century. Created to be superbly designed, innovative, and sustainable, the Fisker Ocean is the first vehicle from a company co-founded by CEO Henrik Fisker, a noted designer and entrepreneur. “We developed the Fisker Ocean to redefine what’s possible for an affordable EV, emphasizing the use of recycled materials wherever possible,” Henrik Fisker says. “This SUV has numerous unique features, including a 17.1-inch rotating central screen and a Solar Roof that can deliver 2,000 miles of additional, emission-free range every year, as well as California mode, which opens the vehicle’s windows and roof simultaneously to offer a convertible-like experience.”

EV Fisker Open Roof Image
Photo courtesy of Fisker Inc

The top trim Fisker Ocean Extreme travels 350 miles on a single charge, with dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, and many first-to-market safety features, including the world's first digital radar, all for $68,999. The 0-60 mph time is 3.6 seconds, and the SUV has been tuned for crisp and precise handling without being overly stiff. Fisker is producing a limited-edition Fisker Ocean One -- an evolution of the Extreme trim -- offering specific signature cues, such as a unique MaliBlu interior and 22-inch wheels, available only on the first 5,000 vehicles.

EV Fisker Rear Badge Image
Photo courtesy of Peter Reiter

The base Fisker Ocean Sport is priced at $37,499, and the mid-trim Fisker Ocean Ultra is $49,999. Fisker designed the SUV to have a wide stance that establishes an impressive road presence, with sleek lines and a roomy, versatile interior that provides ample space for five passengers. The Fisker Ocean has an industry-leading 50 kilos of ecologically conscious materials, sourced from things such as recycled plastic bottles and old t-shirts.

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Photo courtesy of Peter Reiter

The Fisker Ocean is being manufactured in a carbon-neutral factory in Austria, with power supplied by hydroelectric generation. Fisker is pursuing a lean business model, seeking to accelerate its manufacturing process and achieve in two years what would take twice as long for a traditional carmaker. The company accomplished that goal when it began production of the Fisker Ocean on Nov. 17, 2022.

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Photo courtesy of Peter Reiter

“We ask ourselves every day how we can do things differently but still deliver a great EV,” Henrik Fisker says. “The Fisker Ocean proves that technological innovation, great design, and high quality can come together in record time.”