Cadillac Escalade Level B6

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Ontario, USA


6.2L V8
4 Wheel Drive
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Unmatched Security and Luxury: Cadillac Escalade Level B6 Armored

Experience the epitome of safety without compromising on luxury with this exceptional Cadillac Escalade Level B6 Armored edition. Designed for individuals facing real threats above perceived ones, this armored vehicle provides unparalleled protection, making it the top choice for those at high risk.

Key Features:

  1. B6 Armored Protection: The Cadillac Escalade Level B6 is fortified to withstand serious threats, offering a level of security that goes beyond standard luxury SUVs. With the capability to stop a .308 round, commonly found in standard issue sniper rifles, this vehicle ensures your safety in high-risk situations.
  2. Luxurious Interior: Step inside a haven of luxury with the Escalade's meticulously crafted interior. Premium materials, advanced technology, and spacious comfort redefine your driving experience.
  3. Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust engine, the Escalade delivers a powerful performance on the road. Whether cruising through the city or navigating challenging terrains, this vehicle ensures a smooth and controlled ride.
  4. State-of-the-Art Security Features: In addition to its B6 armored protection, the Escalade comes equipped with cutting-edge security features, including advanced surveillance systems, emergency response capabilities, and more, to keep you and your passengers secure at all times.
  5. Executive Design: Make a statement wherever you go with the Escalade's bold and executive design. The combination of sophistication and strength sets this armored SUV apart from the rest.
  6. Versatile Utility: Despite its armored capabilities, the Escalade doesn't compromise on versatility. With ample cargo space and flexible seating arrangements, it adapts to your needs, whether for business or leisure.

Own a vehicle that combines luxury, performance, and unmatched security. The Cadillac Escalade Level B6 Armored edition is not just a car; it's a fortress on wheels. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and experience the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Your safety is our priority.

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