Monaco Legend Group Shines at Original Miami Beach Antique Show

Fri Feb 02 2024
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Glass Case with Time Pieces

Stepping into the whirlwind that is the Original Miami Beach Antique Show (OMBAS), Monaco Legend Group had the distinct privilege of being an exhibitor at this esteemed event held from January 11th to 15th. This blog post will highlight some important takeaways on the show, offering insights into the vibrant atmosphere, market dynamics, and the significant deals that unfolded, solidifying Monaco Legend Group's standing in the global auction scene.

The Show's Vibrant Atmosphere

Walking the floors of OMBAS, the buzz of activity was undeniable. Surrounded by passionate enthusiasts and industry experts, the mood was infectious, creating an environment where vintage watches, antiques, and exquisite jewelry took center stage. Despite a slight ebb in modern and contemporary watch prices, the resilience of high-quality vintage pieces became a standout feature, leaving vintage dealers with a palpable sense of satisfaction.

Networking and Personal Connections

Beyond the showcase of horological treasures, OMBAS proved to be a melting pot of connections. Meeting with old friends and forging new relationships underscored the importance of these events not only as marketplaces but as platforms for building lasting connections within the industry. The camaraderie shared among industry professionals added a personal touch to the entire experience.

Glass Case with Time Pieces

Insights into the Market

Observing the broader market trends, there was an unwavering solidity in the interest surrounding collectibles, particularly vintage watches. Reflecting on the shifts and changes of 2023, it became evident that this period was not just about transactions but an opportunity to decipher the market's nuances, unveiling new possibilities for those keenly attuned to its heartbeat.

Monaco Legend Group's Triumphs

Monaco Legend Group, were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming interest from individuals seeking to consign watches with for the Exclusive Timepieces sales this year. This surge in consignment requests compared to the previous year speaks volumes about the impact Monaco Legend Group has made and the trust they've cultivated within the community. It's an acknowledgment of their success and influence in the auction landscape.

Time Piece 1
Time Piece 2

Noteworthy Acquisitions and Deals

Their journey at OMBAS resulted in securing captivating pieces for their upcoming auctions. One acquisition stands out—an exquisite Patek Philippe watch, a true gem consigned by a family from Texas. Being chosen to present this remarkable timepiece ahead of other auction houses is a testament to Monaco Legend Group's significance on the global stage. This deal marks a pivotal moment, adding another layer to their narrative in the world of auctions.


The Original Miami Beach Antique Show evolved beyond a simple showcase; it transformed into a captivating odyssey for Monaco Legend Group within the vintage watch market. The event not only radiated with dynamic energy but also illuminated the resilient essence of the vintage watch industry.