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Petroleum & Gas Products

As a Globally Trusted Brand, MillionairesXchange offers our Elite Clientele Exclusive Petroleum and Gas bulk sales through our Internationally Authorized Fuel Partners. We streamline the fuel sales process for you, providing one trusted point of contact for utmost confidentiality and exceptional service. Once you have secured the purchase of your Super Yacht, Private Aircraft or Super Car Fleet, MillionairesXchange has your ongoing fuel needs covered at exclusive prices. We carry a wide range of Petroleum and Gas products including: JA1, JP54, D6, D2, ULSD, EN590, LCO, LNG, LPG, WTI CRUDE, ESPO CRUDE, REBCO CRUDE, HFO, EURO-5, TS-1, MAZUT, PETCOKE, UREA, SULFERGRANULAR, CST 180 and COAL. Please contact us for any products not shown, as well as quantity and prices.


Aviation A-1 Jet Fuel A-1 Jet Fuel w/ Anti Icing Yacht Marine Diesel & Gas Premium Gasoline

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